Snow In The Forrest

It’s still snowing! When I woke up this morning, getting ready to write this blog post, I didn’t realize the snow hadn’t stopped. It’s been 5 days of continuous snow and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon.

When I went out to get some coffee, I discovered that the snow has turned to rain by now. The effect of rain on snow at moderate temperature is quite funny. The snow acts like a sponge and absorbs the water.

It can hold a lot more water than you would expect. When I went out I sank up to my knees into a soft wet sponge that immediately soaked my pants and filled my boots. These are the funny moments that can really make my day.

As I was wrestling through the wet slush and cleaning my porch and driveway, I realized how good life really is. Sure, I am working on many exciting goals but, just having warm coffee in a comfortable room is already such a treat. Sometimes you just need to get soaked in cold water to realize it.

Have a great day!